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My hair is like-

Like tumbleweed.

Am so bored,

As bored as one can be.moon cloud red gold.pngDance for life.png1.pngdrawing with light.

Mutable, malleable.


A theory of everything.

Split the atom.

The theory of nothing.

Splits, appears, disappears.

Into inky black.

In star burst magic.

Endless, restless.DSCN0867.jpgf.jpgq.jpgn.jpgb.jpgx.jpgb

Tumbleweed whirls.

Wisps of time fly by.

Falling through space.

Drifting, lifting.

In a timeless race.


Trying to keep pace.

Tumbleweed frames my face.



May Flowers by the Bay.


As daffodils do

So cherry blossom too,

Flowers illusion

Only to leave with the wind in confusion

Her blossoms generous

As time is not

Tears as days

Like rain, cannot last.

As breezes blow

Petals follow her mast

Petal strewn paths

Lime green grass.

Cotton white sailings

Over a dazzling sea

Billowing clouds rise

Horizon’s silver align.

Sail clouds drift

Skies bright blue

Drifting, drifting,

She thinks of you.

Shell pearl illuminates

Shimmering sea glass

A painting for Venus

As spring floats pass.

A mirror sees a moment

On blue clouded day

Mayflowers, reminders,

For love by the bay.

Spring Flowers


The mind likes to meander, so here is Dandelion Rd.

Taking a holiday from life’s ups and downs,

Even a walk along country lanes,

Gives release from mind’s journey.

Social conscience and family, war and politics

Burns one out, after a while.

So here’s to goofing,

Daydreaming call it what you may.

Certainly, some employers view it with dismay!

So I look back amused,

What’s this?, says the muse.

Laugh and be subdued,

Life is fun sometimes,

But not to be abused.

War clouds make a pall,

Upon this earth.

Beauty is for all,

Stars are not exclusive,

As survival of the fittest.

So near to peace,  so far away,

Hope and fate,

Combine, mastering our

Journey to the end.

We do not know,

What awaits.



A girl, a woman, a mother Hot tears fall Time has past Remember all Nothing did last Waterfalls flow Over rock Over soft green fern Eros’s arrow Satin petals’s of sorrow Velvet pink rose Flows upon winding streams White light beams On distant snow Tears of light Silver and gold Silent in the blue Blue womb of night.