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My hair is like-

Like tumbleweed.

Am so bored,

As bored as one can be.moon cloud red gold.pngDance for life.png1.pngdrawing with light.

Mutable, malleable.


A theory of everything.

Split the atom.

The theory of nothing.

Splits, appears, disappears.

Into inky black.

In star burst magic.

Endless, restless.DSCN0867.jpgf.jpgq.jpgn.jpgb.jpgx.jpgb

Tumbleweed whirls.

Wisps of time fly by.

Falling through space.

Drifting, lifting.

In a timeless race.


Trying to keep pace.

Tumbleweed frames my face.



I See Her. On seeing deaths in Eastern Ukraine, people fleeing, where a democracy should have spared them.

St. Brigit's Cross.
St. Brigit’s Cross.

When I see her

A freeze frame

On digital air

Pain passes pity

As in strife

She turns to let go

A last glance at life

She leaves her elements

To earth’s seas and stars

Never hearing, soothing laments.

I see her, I see our life, there.

She is, you, me.

Her lost love

Taken by stealth

No blessing, no comfort.

A witness to death.

A record, an image

For posterity’s breath.

Her soul, for safety,

Joining souls in ether’s air.

Her life,

Life’s dear wish. Lost.

As society flees,

Rage and

The River of Life.  Runs to the Sea.
The River of Life. Runs to the Sea.
Mother and baby
Mother and baby

Blood red seas.

Evil has stolen

Her human dress.

Evil has left,

Love bereft.

Criminals cut love’s tender root.

Cruel hate

War’s crushing truth.

War’s command fears flight.

As love beams light,

Through dark cold night.

A lighthouse lamp

Shines laser white.

For her, forever, for everyone,

For love is infinite.