Fascism: Origins and Ideology

On the same road again. Women are relegated, austerity attacks society and corporate government betrays democracy.

The Red Phoenix

Post War Chaos

The social and political upheaval that accompanied the end of World War I fused the various attitudes (elitism, racism, irrationalism, anti-modernism) that characterized the radical right of the early years of the century into a cohesive political movement, fascism.

Fascism was nurtured in the atmosphere of chaos, uncertainty, disillusionment, and rebellion that swept the world in 1919.  Demobilized soldiers returned home to face unemployment, bread lines, strikes and riots.  The successful communist revolution in Russia and the growth of an international communist movement panicked the established order, especially business interests who felt that their social, economic, and political positions were directly threatened.  Many thought that a force willing and able to resort to unlimited counter-revolutionary violence was necessary to remedy the situation.

Mussolini Comes to Power in Italy

Just such a force appeared in Italy.  Seemingly coming out of nowhere, black-uniformed paramilitary groups led by a former…

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