Shock and Awe and sheer disbelief.

It is shocking to see, so many citizens, in many war/conflict areas, caught in crossfire or treated as lame duck targets. Why are people dying? Why do they believe implicitly in their status as a human being, in the midst of war or warlike conditions? Surely the first sign of violence, the first shot should be enough, a sign of more to come,

St. Brigit's Cross.
St. Brigit’s Cross.

in these regions. Better to run with your life than hang around for a justice that will never come. Civilian populations are are of no concern or regard, in the roadmap to war. It’s time the UN was made treat this fact as a reality for all. It may bring change to the political atmosphere. All attacks on civilians are war crimes.


2 thoughts on “Shock and Awe and sheer disbelief.”

  1. Sometimes I wanty to write screaming yelling posts about how totally sick we are. Then I write a post about birds and natural wonder. But I do know that, whilst I can do nothing, my eyes have been opened since I started my blog and started looking at others’. Thank you for yours.


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