Sapphire Blue

Moon lit Sail
Moonlit Sail



autumn honeysuckle blue silk 2

Blue starflower
Blue starflower


Neon Moon

Curve of Light

Sapphire Blue

Draws Midnight.

She walks, by

Roses in Bloom.


Love lingers,

In Natures room.

Silence is, the Sickle Moon.

Petals Drift

Drifting Hill and Tree.

Drifting osmosis deep,

Her love must Sleep.

She let’s go,

Into the Deep.

Deep Sapphire Sleep.

A curve of moonbeam,

On ocean’s blue.

Is anyone there?

Not now, not here.

A Silver Ship,

In moonlit  flight.

She will never know.

She sails, a universe of light.

She sails, calmly, free.

As midnight falls,

On a Sapphire Sea.


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