May Flowers by the Bay.


As daffodils do

So cherry blossom too,

Flowers illusion

Only to leave with the wind in confusion

Her blossoms generous

As time is not

Tears as days

Like rain, cannot last.

As breezes blow

Petals follow her mast

Petal strewn paths

Lime green grass.

Cotton white sailings

Over a dazzling sea

Billowing clouds rise

Horizon’s silver align.

Sail clouds drift

Skies bright blue

Drifting, drifting,

She thinks of you.

Shell pearl illuminates

Shimmering sea glass

A painting for Venus

As spring floats pass.

A mirror sees a moment

On blue clouded day

Mayflowers, reminders,

For love by the bay.


One thought on “May Flowers by the Bay.”

  1. The wonder of the bloggers life
    Is that as your summer flowers bloom
    Here, in the southern world
    The wind is cold.
    And as our hearts begin to freeze
    We race around the web and find
    Flowers blooming by the bay
    And all your warmth
    Just brightened up my day.


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