US support for terrorist groups costing the world dearly

An out of control world.

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A political commentator says the US administration, which claims to be committed to religious freedom, is supporting murderous, “religious” fanatics in the world.

“There are no rules or boundaries, and the worst part of all is the fact that the United States funds and fuels the violent acts of religious extremists without batting an eyelash, and it is costing the world dearly,” Tim King wrote in an article for the Press TV website.

Describing the US claims as a “ruse and a bloody lip for humanity,” he added, “In truth, the American government is doing, and has been doing, everything in its range of power to contaminate the world with its political and corporate greed.”
The political analyst said that “the most vicious and unnerving US support of religious extremists” goes to the militants in the Middle East to “destabilize” regional…

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Passing of Housing Bill yet another shameful betrayal by Labour as tens of thousands of housing applicants get thrown off housing list

Privatization of state housing, while the state trespasses on the right to own a family home/personal shelter, through a property tax. Vat is collected to run the state. Extortion with no end.