Time to kick the USA and their NATO out of Europe? Why Europe is not sovereign but under U.S. control

Time for change in Europe or warmongers will destroy again, along with the ‘Rasputins’ of the West.

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Reactions (and non-reactions) of European politicians on the NSA affair and the Ukraine crisis make clear what before only some insiders and engaged citizens knew: that Europe’s national states and the European Union are not sovereign. Of course the states have their constitutions and the EU has its treaties but almost nobody is acting in accordance with the provisions.

Let’s take for example the European Court decision on the Metadata Collection Law which violates fundamental rights of citizens. In other words, the storage of communication metadata for six month to be available on the order of courts is against citizen’s rights. The NSA collects in collaboration with national intelligence agencies much more than metadata and uses them on general level without any allowance of European national courts in specific cases.

At the beginning of April 2014 media reported that the NSA program “Mystic” stores all communication data (metadata and…

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