Spring Flowers


The mind likes to meander, so here is Dandelion Rd.

Taking a holiday from life’s ups and downs,

Even a walk along country lanes,

Gives release from mind’s journey.

Social conscience and family, war and politics

Burns one out, after a while.

So here’s to goofing,

Daydreaming call it what you may.

Certainly, some employers view it with dismay!

So I look back amused,

What’s this?, says the muse.

Laugh and be subdued,

Life is fun sometimes,

But not to be abused.

War clouds make a pall,

Upon this earth.

Beauty is for all,

Stars are not exclusive,

As survival of the fittest.

So near to peace,  so far away,

Hope and fate,

Combine, mastering our

Journey to the end.

We do not know,

What awaits.


One thought on “Spring Flowers”

  1. Another comment. What I liked about Spring flowers was the balance between recognising the bad stuff that can weigh us down and the beautiful that is all around and calming.


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