Poison Arrows

Poison arrows, fill the airRed Tulipsqaaqazzaaadf.jpgx.jpgc

Sapping soul, standing there

This tree, tall and wide

Raises beauty, lime leaves hide

On gnarled reach, soft green field

Under blue sky heaven,

For-get-me-nots sit, rushes grow.

Through streams,

Golden Bough
Golden Bough

Dark darts in sombre pools

Black, silky tadpoles swim.

Hate leaves it’s mark

Lacerations in bark.

Darkness falls as love entwines

With sorrow.

Healing circles, a starry cloak.

Poison arrows fall

Sky kisses oak

Water shimmers, flows

Forever Holy Wells

Where green moss grows.

Softly we arise

Time in Eden slows,

As fairy rings compose.

Bird’s calls and life’s echoes drift,

Shattering water’s crystal repose.


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