Confused Black Bird

  • Beams, sun rays light,

black bird 7abcadefghijl the elusive beak! bluepink2a

Red rose, stain glass pink

Soft petals linger

On shimmering breeze

Still lime shoots

In peaceful stance.

Confused blackbird

December’s mild garden

Fades East to West

White pearl snow drifts

A cold embrace in desert ice

Mother, children, helpless

Men in pain, shamed, fearless

Frozen dark mind, ice cold heart, ruthless

Black, blackest blackbird,

Dear blackbird has no kin,

With them

All creation surviving

Hunger’s winter tale, the bitter end.

A feudal fire

burns tears.

A funeral pyre rises

No blackbird sings

No moon

No stains of colour

To relieve

The black of night.


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